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Before you start buying bulk foods, there are some "bulk food rules" you you should consider. Buying food in bulk is only a good idea if you have the skills, basic knowledge, equipment and financial resources to do so.

Buying Bulk Food - The Rules of Engagement

Here are some general rules to consider if you're looking to buy food in bulk:

1 - The more you buy at one time, the less it should cost per unit of measurement.  If you buy a 50 lb bag of sugar, it should cost you less per pound than if you buy a 5 pound bag.  If it doesn't, it's no bargain.  There are times when buying five 10 pound bags of sugar may be less costly than buying one 50 pound bag.  Watch for sales.

2 - The less processed the food is the less it should cost. For example - 25 pounds of hard red wheat vs. 25 pounds of bleached white flour. In addition, less processed generally means higher nutritional value.

15 pounds of dried cranberry beans.  Bought cheap and ready to can.

3 - The closer to your home the food product was grown, the less expensive (and fresher) it should be. Of course - home grown is best!  Locally grown or produces means no added shipping, handling, or packaging costs, and no middle man commission. Of course the added benefit to buying locally is that you are supporting your local economy, as opposed to one in some distant country

4 - Do you have the right tools and equipment to process your purchase for use and preserve it for long term storage? For example a big freezer? Grain Mill? Canning Supplies? Vacuum Packaging equipment? Bags or other containers?  I can provide you with the knowledge here to process most foods, but you have to have the hardware too!

5 - Buying bulk food may be less expensive per unit of weight, but a big volume purchase still has a big price tag when you DO buy (even if it is only once a year!). Be sure to budget enough to be able to make these kind of purchases.  Buying food in large quantities, is no benefit to you if you burn up your entire food budget for the month, and you have nothing left to buy basic necessities with.  Plan ahead!

Learn the basics about buying food in bulk before you make a purchase. Buying something in bulk then letting it go to waste is no savings, nor does it contribute to your self sufficiency.  Follow the bulk food rules listed above, and you'll be much closer to success!

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