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Bulk Food Sources

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Tell about your favorite bulk food sources.  Below is an opportunity for YOU to share information about your own favorite sources for bulk food. Tell about where it's located and what they sell. Canned Goods, Dry Goods, Bulk Meats, Fruit and vegetables?

It can be a "real for sure" Bulk Foods Store but it doesn't have to be.

How about:

Farmers Markets
U-Pick Orchards or Farms
Butchers or Meat Lockers
Seafood or Fish Market
Farm Co-Operatives

Use your imagination, but share your knowledge. When knowledge is shared, we all benefit.

Below that you'll find links to some resources already provided by readers of Food Skills for Self Sufficiency.

Do You Have a Favorite Place You Go
To Get Your Bulk Food?

Share it here! Tell all about your favorite place. Where it's located, how you found it, what they sell, and maybe a story too! From dry goods to fresh produce to bulk meats. People want to know!!!

Share your knowledge and experiences for the benefit of others right here.

What's the name of your favorite bulk food source?

Favorite Bulk Food Sources From Other Visitors

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other readers have told us about...

Beachy's Bulk Foods, Arthur, IL 
Beachy's is owned by the Amish and they do not accept checks or credit cards, so bring cash! This place is a baker's dream! Many different kinds of flour, …

Pat's Bulk Foods - Versailles, Indiana 
Pat's Bulk Food Store is located in the burg of Correct, Indiana. The store is located 4 1/2 miles south of Versailles, Indiana on US highway 421. …

Walton Foods 
Walton Foods physical store is located in Montpelier, ID. They also have a mail order catalog available on their website. It's basically the …

Doud's Orchard
Denver, Indiana
Doud's is located in north central Indiana. It's not really near anything, but if you're willing to Google them up, they have a wonderful selection of …

Azure Standard 
I live in Seattle and have ordered bulk food from Azure Standard located in Oregon. Azure Standard has monthly delivery routes from Oregon to Washington. …

Dutchmans Store Not rated yet
Dutchman's Store is located in Cantril, Iowa. Cantril is part of villages of Van Buren in southern Iowa. They have EVERYTHING: Fabrics, Fresh Produce, …

Glenwood Foods Not rated yet
Glenwood Foods in Seneca Falls NY, is owned & operated by Mennonites. Locally owned seller of bulk dry goods, as well as locally grown produce. …

The Grain Mill of Wake Forest Not rated yet
The Grain Mill is a member owned, grocery co-operative. They offer bulk food products like flours, grains, sugars, honey, teas, as well as locally …

Beyond Measure Bulk Foods Not rated yet
Beyond Measure Bulk Foods carries flours, sugar, honey, sucanat and raw sugar. Wheat berries, oat groats and other whole grains. Spices, soup mixes, …

San Francisco Herb Co Not rated yet
San Francisco Herb Co. has been around since 1973. They sell bulk teas, and herbs, dried spices, bulk baking goods and other bulk foods. Even potpourri …

Frankferd Farms Not rated yet
Frankferd Farms Foods grew out of a desire to work at home with our family to raise and sell organic food. Twenty years have passed and our businesses, …

Country Life Natural Foods Not rated yet
Country Life Natural Foods is located in Pullman Michigan. They are a bulk foods co-op. In addition to their physical store, you can order from …

TASTE Specialty Foods  Not rated yet
Taste Specialty Foods is a web based company that offer's high end bulk and specialty foods. They are distributed exclusively by Supreme Lobster and …

Musgrave's Orchard, Bloomington, Indiana Not rated yet
I buy apples by the bushel from them--local apples, local business, fair price, and NICE family--what more could you ask?! Address: 8820 N. Old St. …

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