Using the Inversion Method for Canning Jelly, Jam and Preserves

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Fresh, home made blackberry jelly...or is it grape jelly???

Making and canning jelly, jam and preserves is one of the easiest ways for you to preserve fruit and fruit juices, and the inversion method is the easiest canning method that you can use. It also has the most limited use.

Inversion Method Defined

This technique for canning jelly, jam and preserves is really quite simple.

Fill the canning jars with the hot jelly or jam mixture (prepared per the recipe), and put the lids and rings on tightly.

filling canning jars with just made jelly

Turn the jars upside down on your counter on an old towel or cloth, and leave them for 5-6 minutes.

Invert filled and covered jars for f minutes before turning them back upright.

Turn the jars back upright and leave them sit to cool down and seal.  This could take a couple of hours.

Once cool to the touch, press down on the middle of the dome lids to make sure that they sealed.

The heat from the jelly inside the jars causes the air inside the jar to expand then creates a vacuum while cooling down.  This causes the jars to seal.

As always with canning, there's a possibility that a jar may not seal.  In that case, you can refrigerate the jar of jelly and use it first.  As I've said in a few other places on this site, it's a good way to do a quick quality check.  Home made jelly will last for weeks in the refrigerator.

Always label the jars to identify what's in them, and when it was made. You'd be amazed how much alike concord grape jelly, blackberry jelly, or plum jam look in the jar.  Same goes for strawberry jelly and red raspberry jelly This is true of many jellies and jams.

Where to Find Recipes

When you buy a box of pectin (and you almost HAVE to in order to make jelly!), you will find that there is a paper inside that has recipes for making jelly, jam and preserves of many types. I have found this to be true of all the major brands.

Another source for recipes is the canner's bible (The Ball Blue Book of Preserving). It has many "old standards" and some unique ideas as well.

NOTE:  There is a way to MAKE your own pectin from under ripe apples or crab-apples, but that's web page for another day...

Fresh Strawberries make the BEST preserves!

Some of my personal jelly and jam favorites are:

-Concord Grape Jelly

-Crab apple Jelly

-Blackberry Jelly

-Strawberry Jam

-Raspberry Jam

-Plum Preserves

-Peach Preserves

Home grown fresh Concord grapes make the absolute finest jelly!

These are my favorites probably because I grow the fruit myself!

Try it yourself - making jelly is fun and easy! And it's a lot less expensive than buying jelly in the grocery store.

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