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Home Made Pasta Sauce

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Do you like a good hearty pasta sauce? Do you have surplus tomatoes from your garden this year? Have you canned all the tomatoes & tomato juice that you can stand to look at? Here's a recipe to make a nice chunky spaghetti sauce that will prevent all those tomatoes from going to waste. It also makes a nice sauce for home made lasagna.

Canning directions are included as well.

I usually try to use bell peppers, onions, garlic, oregano, and basil, all fresh from my garden as well. The fresher the ingredients the better the flavor.

Fresh Ingredients Needed:

Ingredients for making Pasta Sauce

You will need the following fresh ingredients to make my homemade sauce. You can substitute 6 quarts of home canned tomatoes for fresh:

-about 3 doz medium tomatoes (blanched, peeled, cored, and crushed)
-Olive Oil
-1 extra large (softball size) or 2 medium onion
-2 heads of garlic
-1-8oz pk Portobello mushrooms
-2 medium green bell peppers
-3-4” sprigs of fresh Oregano
-2-6" sprigs of fresh Basil
-1 lb Italian sausage
-2tbsp salt

Supplies Needed:

-2 Gallon Sauce Pot
-Large Skillet
-Cutting board
-Measuring Spoons
-Canning Jars, lids & rings (10 pints or 5 quarts)
-Canning Funnel

-Pressure Canner
-Jar Lifter
-Small sauce pan
-Magnetic lid wand
-Old Towels or cloth

Directions for Making Pasta Sauce:

Freshly blanched, cored and peeled tomatoes

Blanch and peel about 3 dozen medium sized tomatoes.

hand crushed tomatoes

Crush the Tomatoes in a large (2 gallon) sauce pan (I usually just crush them by hand one at a time in the pan).

Reduce the tomato base by one third before adding other ingredients

Add 2-3 Tbsp Olive Oil to prevent foaming and simmer under medium-low heat until reduced by about 1/2 – This can take up to about 3 hours. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.

When Tomatoes are Nearly Done:

Brown off 1 lb of Italian sausage

Place Italian sausage in a large skillet with 2-3 Tbsp olive oil to prevent sticking or burning, and start browning process.

Chop Onions, Garlic, Peppers and Oregano

Clean and coarsely chop onions, peppers and add to sausage in skillet.

Add sliced portobello mushrooms to tomato base

Clean and slice portobello mushrooms about ¼“ thick, strip oregano leaves and chop finely, and chop garlic coarsely. Add to tomato mixture and continue to simmer.

Clarifying Onions and Peppers for Pasta Sauce

When onions and peppers have clarified, add sausage, onion and pepper mixture to tomato mixture.

-Add salt to taste – 2 tbsp is a starting point.

-Simmer the pasta sauce about an hour to thicken. Stir occasionally to prevent sticking.

-At the last minute, strip basil from stems, chop and add leaves to mix.

NOTE: If you add Basil too soon, the delicate flavor will be cooked out.

Canning Directions:

Pasta sauce ready to can - MAN does it smell good now!

Try experimenting with other ingredients to change the character & flavor of your sauce.  Some things to try might be: Pine nuts, Capers, or Parmesan Cheese.

ladle pasta sauce into canning jars - leave 1/2 inch head space

Wash canning jars, and ladle sauce into jars leaving ½" head space.

-Wipe rims of jars clean, and adjust 2 piece lids to hand tightness.

-Process in Pressure canner at 10PSI – pints for 45 minutes, quarts for 55 minutes.

-Store like all other canned goods - in a cool dark place.

The finished product - home made adn home canned pasta sauce!

Making and canning your own home made pasta sauce, is a rewarding (and tasty!) way to improve your self sufficiency skills.  It's also a way to use up surplus tomatoes when your tomato vines over produce, and you've canned all the tomatoes and tomato juice that you can stand to look at.

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